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playing under the st Paul church on top of the hill @malacca without roof

playing under the st Paul church on top of the hill @malacca without roof

Butterfly effect

Butterfly effect, originally uploaded by gu@n.

the earth is round

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the beautiful blue planet has been polluted by the human voice !

iPhone 4g hits the Chinese market

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Shanzhai 4G iPhone hits the Chinese market
One step ahead of Apple, China’s clone market rolls out its first 4G prototype

There’s no reason to wait for Apple employees to leave their 4G iPhone prototypes in bars when you can just head to China for all your 4G iPhone needs.

The first of what we’re sure will be many 4G iPhone clones to come, this first generation shanzhai version, called the GPS-Phone, according to tipb.com features a front facing camera, TV antenna, mini USB interface, camera flash and even supports the installation of Java applications and an iPhone-like interface.

Although the clones, as always, are a far cry from the originals, we'll admit that we love Chinese innovation. In addition to the retro-looking TV antenna, the GPS-Phone also comes with a removable battery, something the Apple engineers have managed to somehow avoid.

This clone’s existence and design is somewhat ironic considering when the first 4G iPhone images were leaked, many thought they were actually poor counterfeit Chinese 3G iPhones. Well, the images made it back to China, the engineers hit the ground running and a few months later China has the GPS-Phone. Not a bad turnaround time.

Read more: Shanzhai 4G iPhone hits the Chinese market | CNNGo.com

Kazuo Ohno 大野一雄

butoh workshop @ kyoto, originally uploaded by gu@n.

Dance legend and butoh founder Kazuo Ohno passed away 6/1 at 4:38 pm in Japan. He was 103. Our hearts are with his loved ones.

Kazuo Ohno (or Ohno Kazuo, 大野一雄) (October 27, 1906 – June 1, 2010) was a Japanese dancer who has become a guru and inspirational figure in the dance form known as Butoh. It has been written of him that his very presence is an "artistic fact." He is featured on the cover of Antony and the Johnsons' 2009 CD The Crying Light, which is dedicated to him.

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21/12/08 - 14:00 @ Annexe Gallery 4
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